Zeke Tijerina and the Cannibal Bike Crew team up with Frankenbike for Race #9

On Saturday, July 17, 2021, Frankenbike teamed up with the Cannibal Bike Crew to put on a swap meet as well as a unique one versus one double elimination bike race in San Antonio.

The one versus one format came from the mind of Cannibal Bike Crew’s High Chief, Zeke Tijerina.

Cannibal Bike Crew High Chief Zeke Tijerina gives last-minute instructions before the races begin. (Billy Busby 2021)

“Other bike crews have presidents; I am the High Chief. It is kind of the tribal thing as well as other things.” Tijerina said about his title as High Chief.

Tijerina put on a show with his double elimination races and bike frame tossing competition. The male and female person who tosses the stripped-down bike frame the farthest would win prizes at the end of the event.

The small track means that the races will be fast and competitive. (Billy Busby, 2021)

“We had an event with Frankenbike, Frankenbike is a monthly swap meet that meets in different locations around town. We are the Cannibal Bike Crew and what we do is we have bicycle racing events, small, local, very amateur, and very approachable.”

A racer adjusts his equipment before racing. (Billy Busby, 2021)

Tijerina added, “Marketing and putting on races in San Antonio is not hard, the hard part is getting people to participate. You’ll get tons of people who love the idea but it’s intimidating to race. I want to watch it, I don’t want to do it. Marketing in the age of social media is incredible.”

Joseph Balberde rides up to the starting line. (Billy Busby, 2021)

Tijerina has gone out of his way to make bicycle racing accessible to anyone who wants to come out and give it a try. That was a determining factor in having the double-elimination element with Cannibal Race number nine.

“We do this for our community. This is the bike community. This is the people you see riding around all over town, please don’t hit us, please don’t kill us, please keep an eye out for us. If you don’t ride a bicycle, go ride one.” Tijerina said.

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